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Stony Sun Kennels
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
"Purebred Havanese"





 Havanese are described as a member of the bichon family and as originating in the Mediterranean area.  Bred primarily as a pet, the Havanese's personality and attractive appearance has contributed to it's appeal.  They have personality plus with temperaments described as happy, outgoing and quite trainable, and as a pleasant, affectionate companions. The breed is  a sturdy, short-legged, small dog with a lively, springy gait . The Havanese is well suited to urban or suburban living as his exercise requirements are easily met. Being a toy breed, the Havanese ranges from 8.5 - 11.5 in. in height and is a featherweight at 7-13 lb's.  The coat is non-shedding and is long, soft and wispy with curls or tufts at the ends.  The breed comes in a virtual rainbow of hues, white, cream, champagne, gold, blue, black silver, chocolate, or any combination of these colors.  In regards to grooming, regular brushing is needed to keep the soft coat from matting.  To see a gallery of different coats and colors please see Colors of the Rainbow on Havanese ABC's website.

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