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Stony Sun Kennels
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
"Purebred Havanese"





The Havanese breed are sturdy little dogs. They are hardy with a tolerance for a wide range of temperatures.  They are generally healthy but they are susceptible to a few health problems, just as all other dog breeds are.

The health issues related to the Havanese breed are heritable eye disease, or cataracts.  Only buy from a breeder who can provide current CERF on his parents. This is a yearly test done by a member of the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.  Other problems can be liver shunts, dislocating or slipping kneecaps, ear infections, dry skin and tear staining.

The Havanese are considered a longed lived breed, with an average live span of 14 years but can live as long as 18 years if properly cared for.

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