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Stony Sun Kennels
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
"Purebred Havanese"





I had not heard of the purebred Havanese when I started my research into what type of dog to get for our family.  Now it's my turn to introduce to you "What is a Havanese"?

In answering this question I would like to quote Dorothy Goodale  who says in her book Havanese, A complete and Reliable Handbook. "He is the light of my life, the sun in my morning, the most charming and discreet of beggars at my table.  He will play the clown when I am sad...never failing to charm the smile right out of me.  He is the ear when I need to tell something that I can trust with no other.  He will dance for me, talk to me, be my most enthusiastic traveling companion with the most exemplary of manners.  His personality has as many facets as a priceless gem.  What more can I say?  He is a Havanese!"

Without any hesitation I can describe this breed as a delight.  They are extremely intelligent and easy to train.  Their very soft, unpretentious, curious nature thrives on affection and human companionship.  They are anxious to please, with absolutely no cruelty in them. They will play non stop at any game you devise and love children. I am so grateful that they have found their way into my life.  Who says you can't buy love!


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